What do the iOS 7 and iPhone 5C colors say about Apple?

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iPhone 5C

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It seems that Tim Cook hasn’t steered Apple too far from what Steve Jobs imagined for the company back in the 1980s. Apple is doing very well with Cook at the helm, but is being intensely criticized by the public. I think the choices that Apple is making for its products show just how much impact Steve Job’s leadership had on the company. The color scheme for iOS 7, the iPod line-up ,and even the iPhone 5C and 5S show just how serious Apple is about standing out from the rest of the crowd.

I remember when Apple introduced the multi-colored candy iMacs with the bulbous design and how the public responded to that. There were  a whole slew of people who criticized Apple for its choice in colors and even went as far as to say that Steve Jobs was crazy to let something like this happen. I think the reason a lot of people were against it because they were just scared to switch from their beige and gray CRT monitors and towers to accept some color into their technology.

Apple is doing the same thing with the iPhone 5C, and is once again infusing the renegade spirit that once existed in its culture by adding in colors that some other smartphone manufacturers would be afraid to approach. Though Apple has seen a lot of change since the passing of Steve Jobs, the choice of colors in its products such as the iPhone 5C and iOS 7 show the company is still very much about thinking outside of the box.

Sure, there will be some people who think that the colors are hideous (I think the iOS 7 color choices are a little out there, but not hideous), but that is exactly what Apple is all about. It will always have some people who hate it and others who love it. Either way, Apple is making sure to keep some of its history in its new product lines.

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  • Valan

    Good article.

    I would go so as to say that I could imagine Steve presenting this. He’d reveal it and leave a pause as if hoping to upset some folks.