iPhone 5C will be available in five colors, black color appears to be fake

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We have seen all sorts of rumors and leaks about the “budget” iPhone (aka iPhone 5C), the most common of which is that the device will be available in an array of colors. A few days back, the device was spotted in black color that appeared to be similar to what we have seen in a leaked photos of its rear plastic shell. These rumors were false and Sonny Dickson, who reports that the black version does not even exist.


Sonny Dickson has consistently leaked a number of components of the upcoming iPhone 5C in the past, and says the black iPhone 5C picture circulating the Internet is fake. Dickson claims this purported black iPhone 5C is just a cheap dummy phone that is available in China for $13.39 via online retailers. Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 5C on September 10th in five different colors: red, yellow, white, green and blue.

As Sonny claims, “Don’t believe everything you read – especially when, like with this rumor, it’s the first claim of its kind, and has nothing backing it except a few photos posted on a Chinese social network.” Its totally correct; always take rumors with the appropriate amount of salt, and check from where the news emerged (when reporting rumors, AppleTell will always link to the source, and offer our opinions on their validity).

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