Have iPhone 5C press shots surfaced now?

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It appears the budget iPhone (aka iPhone 5C) is the only thing people on the Apple web care about. The iPhone 5C is the rumored budget version of Apple’s iPhone with a plastic body but otherwise offering almost the same features as the iPhone 5. The device is expected to sell for $400-500. And now, iPhone 5C press shots have been leaked, according to a Romanian retailer.

iPhone 5C

The folks at Mobilissimo received what appears to be a dummy phone that will be used in stores. The image shows an iPhone 5C running iOS 7 and also shows a number of photos of the device wearing a bumper case as well.

iPhone 5c press shots iPhone 5c press shots iPhone 5c press shots

The website didn’t mention any details about what the alleged iPhone 5C will bring to the table, nor did they confirm its price. Apple is expected to unveil the device on September 10th with shipments to arrive on September 20th. Until then, stay tuned to AppleTell as we will update you as soon as we have any information.

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