Apple updates Find My iPhone app with iOS 7 icon redesign

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Apple is finally beginning to add the iOS 7 design to its other applications in the App Store. After adding a new icon design for Find My iPhone in the iCloud beta, Apple has updated the Find My iPhone app for iOS with the new flat design. The new icon uses the same green “sonar” design, but has made slight changes, making it flatter and lighter, and removing the picture of a square indicating a located object.

After Apple released the Find My iPhone app, some users pointed out that they were not able to access the service and that the app threw up a message indicating that it required the user to have a developer account (free or paid) and the iOS 7 beta installed. Several hours after the release, Apple fixed the issue and notified the public via its System Status page. The page indicates when an Apple service is offline or when the company is working on updating something.

Apple hasn’t commented on what caused the issue with the Find My iPhone app, though it was probably just a small bug that wasn’t addressed right away. So far, this is the only Apple app that has been updated with the new iOS 7 design. Apple is expected to update several other applications, including its iWork suite, Remote and many others.

Along with Thursday’s Find My iPhone update, Apple also updated Find My Friends, but with bug fixes only. The Find My Friends application did not receive any design changes, though there is likely one in the works for when the company releases iOS 7 in the fall.

Find My iPhone and Find My Friends are both available in the App Store for free.

Via [MacRumors]

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