New video shows iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C colors in detail

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As Apple’s rumored iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C near announcement, leaked images and videos continue to surface. The most recent video is one from AppAdviceand it shows the new champagne color of the iPhone 5S and the multiple colors of the iPhone 5C in great detail. This is one of the first times the public is able to see the colors in such a clean and realistic way, as most of the previous images have been mockups of what the next line of iPhones is expected to look like.

Though many sources have noted the new iPhone 5S will be a “gold” color, it seems to be a lighter shade. This means the champagne color rumor may actually pan out to be a real model of the iPhone, and the iPhone 5C may in fact, see multiple colors. According to numerous rumors over the past several months, Apple’s iPhone 5S will be very similar in design to the iPhone 5 (as it is in this video) and will sport a faster A7 processor, dual LED flash, and perhaps even a fingerprint sensor in the home button.

The iPhone 5C is expected to retain a lot of existing features from the iPhone, and may even use some of the same parts. Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 5C as a replacement for the current iPhone 5, though it could also be for the 4 (which is still available for free with a 2 year contract). So far, Apple’s rumored iPhone 5C has been seen in blue, green, red, yellow, and white colors. There was a black one seen several days ago, though that it is now being reported as a fake. Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone lineup on September 10th, followed by the release on September 20th.

Via [MacRumors]

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