Moshi iGlaze Kameleon iPhone 5 case review

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Don’t be fooled by the name; Moshi’s iGlaze Kameleon doesn’t change color based on its environment, sadly. But depending upon your needs, it could be just as handy at adapting. The back of the case features an integrated aluminum kickstand that extends for convenient display in both landscape and portrait mode.

Moshi iGlaze Kameleon

The stand is quite sturdy and clicks solidly into place, but is easy to extend and retract. When it’s not extended, it protrudes from the back of the case just a little bit, but the edges are not sharp and shouldn’t snag anything.

The back of the case itself is quite thick; almost 1/8 inch. I’m assuming this is to accommodate the kickstand hinge, but be prepared for that. Quite honestly, I like the extra heft; it makes the iPhone feel more sturdy and substantial when holding it. But if you to keep your cases slim and sleek, the iGlaze Kameleon is not for you.

iGlaze Kameleon iPhone 5 case

The fit is snug, but the Kameleon is easy to get on and off. As with the recently reviewed iGlaze Armour, the Kameleon wraps around the edges of the iPhone, with the top, bottom and volume button / mute switch areas exposed. Although the sides don’t extend past the screen to keep it up and away from surfaces, the bottom back does push out a bit, which may lead to some docking issues with third party devices.

The camera opening on the back is wide enough to prevent issues with the flash, and whereas the Apple logo of your phone is exposed through a circular cutout, Moshi does include a back protection screen to keep it safe from scratches and dust. They also include a small cleaning cloth, but no front screen protection.

Moshi iGlaze Kameleon iPhone 5 case

We were provided with the black model for review, but the Kameleon comes in white, as well. Both are made of a polycarbonate frame with a “vegan leather” backplate (good for animals, but maybe not so good for the environment*) that has a nice brushed look to it. The interior is lined with a soft microfiber to keep your iPhone cushioned and safe.

Whether you want this case, though, really depends upon your need for the kickstand. You get the same Moshi quality and attention to design, so the kickstand is the main difference between the Kameleon and Moshi’s other iGlaze models: the thinner, more colorful iGlaze and the sharper looking iGlaze Armour, both of which are also less expensive. If your iPhone mostly sits in your pocket, bag or docking station, you can give the iGlaze Kameleon a miss. If you like to have it propped up on your desk at home or work, though, then you’ll just have to decide if the extra $10 to $20 is worth the kickstand convenience.

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Moshi iGlaze Kameleon for iPhone 5 review

Buy the Moshi iGlaze Kameleon for iPhone 5

Provides: Scratch and scuff protection
Developer: Moshi
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $49.95
Availability: Now

* We asked Moshi about their use of “vegan leather,” and received the following response:

Vegan leather basically means it’s synthetic leather, aka, not from animal hides. Previous to using the ‘vegan’ handle, on occasion we would receive customer emails asking whether our leather was vegan. So we decided to go ahead and make it clear in our product descriptions that this was the case (we used to refer to it as ‘PU leather’ or polyurethane ‘leather’, but many people didn’t know what PU stood for/didn’t know it wasn’t from animals). As you may know, PU is a bio-degradable material, whereas PVC is not.

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