How popular will the next iPhone lineup be?

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iPHone lineup

Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are only a couple of weeks away from announcement, and it seems they are creating more buzz than any iPhone release in recent years. Even though they have all sold very well, this year’s iPhone launch may be a bit more special than some of the others. This is because of what Apple is releasing and how it is going about doing so. For the first time, Apple is introducing a low-cost iPhone for emerging markets, and it’s creating a lot of buzz. With iOS 7 and the all new plastic design, Apple will likely sell a whole lot of iPhone 5C units, and let’s not forget about the new iPhone 5S with an updated processor and fingerprint sensor.

The iPhone 5S will become the fastest and most powerful iOS device that Apple sells, so I can see a lot of those flying off the shelves, as well. This is around the time when iPhone 4S users are able to upgrade their smartphones with their carriers (at least the people who stuck out their 2 year contracts). I am upgrading from the iPhone 4S, so it is a big change for me because I am getting a whole new processor, new design, a better camera and a brand new operating system to work with.

I think that the next iPhone lineup will be very popular because it is finally mixing up a line that was very close to becoming stale. Apple prevented the iPad line from going stale by introducing the iPad mini, and now is doing the same thing with the iPhone 5C. This is great news for both Apple and users because they are able to generate more revenue while customers are offered a lot more options.

Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on September 10th and release it on September 20th. Stay tuned.

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