Take a memo; Daedalic’s Memoria now available for Mac and PC

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Daedalic Entertainment and Deep Silver have announced that Memoria—a fantasy adventure game set in the RPG universe of The Dark Eye—is now available via Steam and the Mac App Store. In Memoria, players will control two characters in two different storylines, set almost 500 years apart from each other. One of the stories continues the events of Daedalic Entertainment’s point & click adventure game Chains of Satinav, which was released in 2012 for PC.

About the game:

500 years have passed since Sadja, princess of the faraway kingdom of Fasar, set forth to fight in the great battle of the Gorian Desert. Victory in this battle against mighty demons would cement her place as one of the greatest heroes of all time—but she failed.

Her story was lost in the sands of time, and now a young fowler named Geron must unravel her mysterious fate. But his search sets events in motion that will cast a long shadow over his homeland and turn his present into a twisted image of a long lost past…

And that right there is why we need to let bygones be bygones. Unravelling the past just never leads to anything good.


Memoria’s Aventuria setting is based on The Dark Eye pen & paper RPG systemm moving beyond traditional point & click adventure gameplay to add a magic system derived from this RPG. Players will cast magic spells that allow them to banish darkness or even to take direct control over mysterious creatures that could prove useful in solving puzzles during the quest.

Memoria is available now for $21.99 in the Mac App Store and $17.99 on Steam. For more information, visit, and watch for the AppleTell review this weekend.

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