Apple vacation blackout dates issued for AppleCare employees

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After reports that iPhone carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile are issuing vacation blackout days for their employees, Apple appears to doing the same. According to an internal document reported at AppleInsiderApple vacation blackout dates have been issued for its employees between September 15th and the 28th. With all of the dates of the carriers and Apple coinciding, there is little doubt the company is looking to launch the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C over the coming weeks. The internal document shows blocks of time that are available for employees to take off, with blacked out boxes showing dates that they cannot.

Apple is blacking out vacation times for the same reason its carriers are—to provide support once the new iPhone line-up is launched. Apple’s blackout dates may be a little longer because the company has to manage iOS 7 downloads and provide support for that, as well. The company’s retail store employees are also usually trained to deal with customers who may have issues with their iOS 7 installs or their new iPhones. AppleCare employees will reportedly be training until after iOS 7 is distributed to the public.

Until now, if a developer called about an iOS 7 issue, AppleCare employees noted that they were not yet trained on how to deal with the issue. This is why Apple warns anyone who installs the betas to do so of their own accord and as long as they are aware there may be a lot of bugs.

I think that vacation blackout dates are great (not so much for the employees) because I can get the support I need in case I have an issue with my new iPhone. Though I don’t usually have any issues, its good to know I can get support if I need it.

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