Details of the Apple iPhone trade-in program

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As you know by now, Apple’s retail stores are about to get a whole bunch of new customers (or old customers?) because of its new iPhone trade-in program. Up until now, only retailers have had trade-in programs for the iPhone, and Apple seems to see some benefit in conducting one itself. After rumors about Apple launching such a program, the company has finally gone ahead and introduced one.

Apple is offering up to $280 for an iPhone in working condition, which means customers will be able to simply walk into any Apple retail store and trade in their old iPhone. A customer that has an iPhone valued above $280 will receive the remaining balance on an Apple gift card.

The gift card is also limited to those customers who are eligible for an upgrade, and any remaining balance aside from the $280 will eligible for use with any other item in the store. It is clear Apple is going ahead with this trade-in program now because it is looking to drive sales of its new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. If customers have a safe and reliable way to trade in their iPhones, they will be more likely to purchase a new iPhone. Simply conducting the trade-in program will bring more potential customers into the store.

If Apple continues this iPhone trade-in program even after it introduces the new iPhone line-up, I will be sure to go and check it out and see if I can trade in my current iPhone 4S for a new iPhone 5S. The amount of money a customer receives depends entirely on the condition of the iPhone when it is traded in.

Via [AppleInsider]

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