PAX Prime 2013: Game it Forward connects gamers and charities

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Game It Forward

What if you could pick a charity and earn money for them while playing a game? Quingo from Game It Forward lets you do exactly that on your iPad.

Quingo is a combination of bingo and trivia questions, and you pick which charity you play for before each game starts. Each game has five questions with a limited time to find the five answers for each question. Incorrect choices take away from how much time you have left. Your goal is to make a vertical or horizontal line with the higher score you have, the more money donated to your charity. You can’t pick what type of questions you get, but that might be a future option. Quingo comes with over 600 trivia questions with more added on a regular basis.

Where does the money for charities come from? You spend money for in-app purchases (in addition to using gold that you earn by playing the game), and watch ads. The kind of boosts you can buy range from seeing the correct answers to the questions, unlocking new questions, getting a boost to the gold you earn, and more. The ads don’t show up after every round but appear randomly and last for a few seconds. You can skip them, but if you do the charity doesn’t get any money.

Game It Forward isn’t sure whether they’re going to add more game types or ways to interact with charities. They’re also thinking of adding a multiplayer option, other platforms, and coupons in the future.

Quingo will be available on September 19th for the iPad as a free download from the App Store. For more information, head on over to Game It Forward’s website.

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