PAX Prime 2013: Become the Legend of Dungeon, or die trying

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Legend of Dungeons

Legend of Dungeon is a 4-player co-op rogue-like beat’em up game for OS X, Windows, and Linux (Android and OUYA coming soon). Your goal is to make it to the bottom of a dungeon with 26 floors, get the treasure, and then make it back to the top so you can live a life of luxury. Making it out alive is a lot harder than it sounds because you only have one life and death is around every corner.

Exploring the dungeon is best with friends because not only is defeating monsters easier, but if you do die you can return to life if you collect enough spirit orbs. On the other hand, you don’t share gold and XP, and there’s the problem of friendly fire if you’re using magic or guns (but not swords). Unfortunately, all of the players have to be in the same room and play on the same PC.

Along the way, you’ll find hats to wear and items to use. The items range from swords, axes, guns, shields and magic, in addition to food and potions that help or hurt you. Each dungeon is randomly generated, so every playthrough has different traps, bosses, and monsters. The songs are also made based on what’s on the screen, so you’ll rarely hear the same song twice. A future update will add eight classes including a doctor, ninja, and cowboy who will start with different stats and weapons.

I’ve watched a number of other YouTube videos about Legend of Dungeon, and I think this is a game that looks simple until you actually start playing. Then you realize you just can’t go crazy on every level and attack monsters without thinking about tactics and changing the weapon you’re using. You get a few levels deep and get some items and begin to think you’re invulnerable until you set off a trap and get swarmed by enemies. The one big failure is the lack of multiplayer over the Internet, especially because playing with other people is much more enjoyable than playing alone.

Legend of Dungeon will be available on September 13th for OS X, Windows, and Linux for $10 or $15 with the soundtrack. It’s also coming soon to Android and OUYA. You can buy it on Steam or at

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