Apple September 10th media event will now officially brighten your day

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Apple September 10th Media Event

After a prolonged and somewhat agonizing gap in product announcements, Apple has finally made their September 10th media event all nice and official. The rumor mill has been out of control, albeit largely about the same products: the iPhone 5C in multiple colors, the iPhone 5S in champagne/gold and possibly gunmetal, and the revamped iOS 7. Although I’m not looking forward to the hit on my wallet, it’ll be great to not have to put “rumor” in the headline of the stories we cover here at AppleTell.

Color is certainly the theme, as indicated in the invitation seen above. The colored circles reflect those we’ve seen pictured in iPhone 5C leaks: gold, red, green, blue and white. They’re also flat and clean, as we’ve been promised with the new look of iOS 7. Am I reading too much into this? Perhaps, but it’s good to read something into anything other than a blurry photo from China.

Additional rumors have heavily leaned towards an A7 chip in the iPhone 5S, along with a much ballyhooed (but totally unnecessary) fingerprint sensor. Personally, I’d rather see an iWatch, provided it can communicate with my iPhone. FaceTime on my wrist? The ability to see who’s calling without having to dig into my laptop bag or pocket to grab phone? Yes, thanks.

What matters, though, is that all of this will be known by this time next week, and we can start the rumors up all over again. Be sure to check back with AppleTell as we head up the 10th, and join us then for our live blog of the event.

Via [Ars Technica]

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