Apple reportedly developing 17 watt charger for mystery product

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We’ve only recently received official word of Apple’s September 10th media event, and already rumors are surfacing that Apple is working on a new mystery product. The company is reportedly beginning to develop a new 17-watt charger for an unknown product. Apple’s Macbook Air uses a 45-watt charger, while the iPad uses up to 10W. This suggests the new device would take a bit more power than a full-sized iPad, but less than a Macbook.

Some sites are speculating this new 17-watt charger may be for a 13-inch iPad, which could be the case if Apple is looking for new ways to mix up its iPad and iPhone line. The iPad mini was really the first to change the iPad matrix after Apple its introduction in 2010, and it’s possible tat Apple wants to introduce a slightly bigger iPad that could benefit schools, hospitals, and other organizations.

Though some sources suggest that Apple may be using the charger for something that’ll be introduced at the September 10th media event, we don’t feel that’s likely as the iPhone only uses 5W. It’s also unlikely Apple will introduce an iPad at an event that’s entirely about the iPhone; a 13-inch iPad hasn’t really shown up in the rumor mill.

We’ll find out Tuesday. Until then, stay tuned to AppleTell, as we’ll keep you updated on any product leaks that surface.

Via [iPhoneHacks]

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