AT&T training its support staff on iOS 7 prior to its public release

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With iOS 7 and the new iPhone line-up just around the corner, Apple and its carriers are beginning to take early steps to make sure their support staff can help customers as soon as the new products and services go live. Earlier this month, Apple blacked out vacation days while and trained its AppleCare employees on iOS 7 so they can help customers via phone, web chat, or in-store. Until then, when a developer called to ask about iOS 7, AppleCare employees simply noted they were not yet trained on it yet.

It now seems AT&T is beginning to implement iOS 7 training for its employees as well. There doesn’t appear to be anything different in the training manuals from what we saw during Apple’s WWDC keynote and the iOS 7 betas that followed. However, it shows Apple and the iPhone carriers are trying to get their staff ready for the rollout, which is expected September 10th alongside new a new iPhone line-up.

Customers usually experience the most issues during the pre-order and set-up process. Though the media event scheduled for the 10th will just be for announcements, a lot of new and old customers will surely ask questions about iOS 7 and the new iPhones. In the images of AT&T’s training manual, you can see detailed steps on how to use the new Activation Lock feature and iTunes Radio in iOS 7.

Though the public release of iOS 7 will definitely be released in the coming weeks, developers will likely still receive a Golden Master build of iOS 7 after next Tuesday’s event. The GM build usually doesn’t change between the time it is issued and the public release, so there are sometimes existing issues after the public gets the final version. Hopefully AT&T employees will be ready for them.

Via [AppleInsider]

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