ADOPTED iPhone case roundup; get your gear adopted

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Adopted doesn’t make just another iPhone case; this emerging brand creates truly distinctive cases for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPod nano. The brand is focused on the human element of electronics, and each of their cases features thoughtful designs that make them an integral part of your iDevice experience, rather than just a bulky add-on.

I received a selection of Adopted’s unique iPhone 5 cases to test out, and came away very impressed. Unlike brands that charge a high price just for a name, Adopted’s prices are entirely attributable to a very high level of craftsmanship, genuinely functional designs, and amazing materials. Each Adopted iPhone case looked great, and I couldn’t pick a favorite—though if you dock your iPhone 5, the Forged Case will probably be your best bet.

The Forged Case

Adopted iPHone case

Upon first inspection, the Forged Case looks like just another hard shell plastic case, but Adopted’s genius lies entirely in the details. The Forged Case has a detachable bottom panel for easy iPhone docking, and the interior back case features raised rubber upholstery that provides friction. Unlike other detachable cases that get loose over time, the rubber upholstery in the Forged Case actually presses against the back of your iPhone. This positive pressure is much longer lasting than simple plastic hooks/tabs, which helps to keep the case firmly in place no matter how many times you detach the bottom panel.

That upholstery also provides impact protection for your iPhone’s back, while the inset metal button guard provides slim protection for your iPhone’s mute rocker and volume switches. This strong but thin combination helps keep those buttons easily accessible, which is often a problem with chunkier cases. I found the white plastic and gold metal combination particularly striking, as it had an air of sophistication without crossing into tacky bling. The bezel is slightly thicker than your standard hardshell case, but it’s flat enough to barely be noticeable during regular use.

You can buy the Forged Case in one of five different metal/color combinations at Adopted’s website, where it goes for $49.95.

The Leather Wrap Case

While the white-and-gold Forged Case is a bikini clad model on the beaches of Miami, the Leather Wrap Case is a jet setting travel junkie, made of a high quality leather and shining metallic accents. It’s got the good looks of a well-worn but sturdy flight bag from a bygone era of international travel (before yoga pants were acceptable flight attire). This case is a basic hardshell configuration with cutouts at the top, bottom, side, and on the back to expose all necessary ports, switches, and cameras for easy use.

The leather used in the case is high quality, but sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about scuffing it when throwing it in a purse or bag. The raised texture of the leather feels greats and provides a solid grip surface on all three sides, so whether you’re holding the sides of your phone to talk or the back to use maps, iMessage, etc. you’re assured of a firm grip. There are 11 different combinations of leather and metal colors from which to choose, so you will be able to find something that matches your personality/bag/car, whether you go for a dreamy Moonlight/Silver or the understated Pewter/Gunmetal combo.

Adopted iPHone case

The Leather Wrap case is available at either Adopted’s website or the Apple Store. It goes for $49.95 at both outlets.

The Cushion Wrap

It seems unconventional at first, but the Cushion Wrap case gives your iPhone the look of a nicely upholstered club chair. Instead of leather, though, it features a springy, soft-grip silicone that provides not only excellent grippability, but added impact protection on the back, sides, and corners. The tufted-look silicon is applied on the back, while the sides get a smooth silicone treatment. Both are great for getting a hand on, so you can easily keep ahold of your phone.

Adopted iPHone case

The metallic frame and snap on design are the same as the Leather Wrap case, so you have easy access to all the jacks, switches, and buttons. Unlike its more highbrow cousin, the Cushion Wrap is a completely different look. Its colors tend to be less understated than its leather clad cousin, so if you want find a case that stands out, Ember Orange or Fusion Pink will do the trick. The silicone is obviously more durable than leather, so the Cushion Wrap is a good choice if your phone exists in a rougher environment.

The Cushion Wrap case is new, so for now it’s available exclusively at Adopted’s online store, where it goes for $49.95. You have a choice of nine silicone/metal color combinations.

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