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AL13 for iPhone 5

We’re less than a week away from the announcement of Apple’s new (likely) iPhone 5S and (likely) iPhone 5C, and we know you couldn’t be more excited. Unless you’re not getting one…like me; I’ll be using my trusty iPhone 5 for another year. If you’ll be doing the same, we want to give you something else to look forward to, which is why TechnologyTell has teamed with designed by m to give away an AL13 AeroSpace Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 5 valued at $59.99.

My Al13 for iPhone review will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about the aluminum bumper, and why you should definitely want it. But I know you don’t want to be bothered with paragraphs when there’s winning to be done, so I’ll just throw some bullet points at you:

  • Created from lightweight yet durable aerospace grade aluminum
  • Sleek, premium fi­nish that blends seamlessly with iPhone
  • Easily slides on and off phone at any time without any special tools
  • Rubber lining acts as a shock absorber to minimize impact damage and also protects iPhone during installation
  • High impact, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and anti-glare polyurethane screen protector included

We’ll be giving away the gun metal variation, because we’ve heard rumors there may be a gun metal iPhone 5S in the works.

Al13 iPhone case

And who knows? If the iPhone 5S doesn’t vary from iPhone 5 form factor, you may be able to use the AL13 with the new model, too.

To win your AL13 AeroSpace Aluminum Bumper for iPhone 5, first read the contest rules and regulations, then simply comment below to tell us if you’re getting the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, or just sticking with what you have. We will accept entries through September 20th, 2013, at which point we’ll draw a winner at random from all the eligible comments.

Good luck, and be sure to join us Tuesday for our live blog of Apple’s September 10th media event.

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  • Keith

    I’ll be sticking with my 5 for another year. That bumper will look great on my black iPhone 5 😉

  • Nick R

    Unfortunately for me I am sticking to my 5 another year as well. I love the way aluminum bumpers feel. I just hope this bumper doesn’t lose reception like the Macally Aluminum Bumper does. Hope I win!

  • Bill Hart

    No new iPhone for me, I’m sticking with my iPhone 5 and waiting and hoping for a LARGE screen iPhone 6.

  • Angel E Rodriguez

    I am planning on keeping my iPhone 5. College student here so money is tight and I need to protect my favorite phone!

  • RC Rainaldi

    Keeping my iphone5.

  • Michael

    Looking forwarding to moving up from the 4s to the 5s!

  • Kevin

    I’ll be sticking with my iPhone 5,

  • Carlos L

    Keeping my old 5

  • Thomas Caron

    Looks like a beauty. I have tried a number of different cases, but their bulk and heft only served to eliminate iPhone 5’s most attractive feature, its slim profile and its lightness. Finally decided to live dangerously and go caseless, which inevitably led to scuffing around the edges. Recently bought a metal bumper by Cross, which seemed the best compromise I could expect, though the bulge in the frame for the screws is a bit of blemish on the phone’s svelte lines. Your product looks like the solution I’ve been waiting for.

  • James

    I’m still rocking my iPhone 5 for another year and could use an awesome case like the AL13 to keep my phone super awesome.

  • Manan shah

    I will be sticking to the good old iPhone 5, would love to receive the awesome sounding case!

  • Loraine Spence

    I also will be sticking with my iPhone 5!!

  • JeBus

    Sticking with the 5, unless Apple have something amazing they’re keeping well hidden!

  • Charles Hankins

    I’m going to keep using my iPhone 5 until next year when the “iPhone 6″ is unveiled.

  • Whitechristmas

    I am getting a 5s and I so need this bad boy case!! Totally loving the design of this bummer and it doesn’t interfere with the design of the iPhone. :-)

  • Andrew L

    Just upgraded to the 5…gonna stick with it for another year.

  • nich

    want a new 5 s but going to try and go contract free by sitting this year out and buying handsets from now on

  • Andrew C.

    Sticking with iPhone 5!

  • Quang Pham

    About to upgrade to the 5s from the 3GS!
    I’m tired of the big hulking cases, so lets see what all the “minimalistic” fuss is about

  • Steve L.

    Getting my very first….. iPhone5c

  • Adam

    5s for me, but eager to hear about the details of the 5c!

  • Randy

    Sticking with my 5. This is my first iphone and I’m loving it. The only thing that would make it better is an awesome bumper like this!

  • paolozz92

    Sticking with my iphone 5!! Dnt see enough “upgrades” in 5S to switch.

  • John T.

    Definitely going for the 5S!!!!!!! speed + Fingerprint + ios7!! I’m in!!!

  • Dylan

    I’ll be sticking with my iPhone 5, hopefully with one of your cases :)

  • Phil

    I’m going to be getting the 5S!

  • Lumi

    I will be keeping my iPhone 5! My first ever smart phone and I love it. Maybe next year I’ll upgrade

  • Curtis

    I’m sticking with my iPhone 5 and wait for the 6.

  • Jorge

    Same here, I’ll wait until all the bugs are fixed on the new iphone

  • Darryl Lee

    Keeping the 5 for a while.

  • Tim Nicholson

    I always skip the mid-cycle “S” models, but am the first to pre-order the brand new ones like the iPhone 5 and 6.

  • dabizi

    As I have an iPhone 4 now I will be upgrading to the 5s model. I think 5c is enough for me but I keep the phone for at least 2 model cycles so the price difference is minimal when spread out.

  • Kevin

    Please give it to me! I think I’ll be sticking with my iPhone 5, and that case will look good on it!

  • Fudge

    I’ll be getting he 5S.

  • Andris

    5th still rocks

  • David

    I’ll be keeping my iphone 5 but I’m very excited for what the new one has to offer.

  • http://Technologytell RCory

    Same here, but no complaint- I Love my iPhone 5!

  • Erok

    Depending on the new features announced today I may upgrade to a 5S!

  • Brad K

    Gonna stick with what I got for now.

  • Anthony M

    I will most definitely be getting an iPhone 5S, as my 4S somehow seems bulky.

  • Iris Clyne

    I can’t wait to upgrade from my 4 to a 5 S. I can’t stand my phone anymore. The home button is unresponsive and I need all the updated features I’ve been missing. Why did I wait so long???

  • joey

    I’ll be keeping my 5 till next year; this was my year to get a new laptop -no Haswell MBP release today so I am currently at a loss for things to lust after.

  • Kevin Hung

    I’m definitely getting a 5s and would love to try out this cool bumper!!

  • Iris

    Sticking with my iphone 5 but definitely interested in the case