Apple Online Store out of refurbished Apple TV units

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The Apple TV may be headed for a refresh pretty soon, with all of the refurbished third generation now sold out in the company’s online store. Earlier last month, we noted the Apple TV discounts may point to the fact that the company is working on a refresh or perhaps even a full-sized television set. Now, a report from AppleInsider mentions that a refresh is very likely going to be coming soon.

Though this could mean the Apple TV is simply out of stock and will return, there is also a possibility that Apple is looking to introduce an updated device. Apple has announced the Apple TV at iPhone announcements in the past, and it isn’t totally crazy to imagine an Apple TV running the A6 because the iPhone 5S is expected to be running a new A7 chip. Apple lowered the price of the refurbished Apple TV from $85 to $75 earlier this summer, likely to clear out stock ahead of a change in the device line.

As the Apple TV picks up more streaming services and becomes a more powerful device, it is safe to speculate a television set is in the works somewhere in one of Apple’s labs. A lot of attention has been taken away from the Apple TV, iPad, and Mac because of Apple’s upcoming media event on September 10th, where the company is expected to introduce the new multi-colored iPhone 5C and updated iPhone 5S.

Via [AppleInsider]

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