AppleTell rounds up the iOS 7, iPhone rumors for Apple’s September 10 media event

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iPhone 5CIt’s the weekend before what’s arguably Apple’s biggest media event in a year, and there’s certainly been no shortage of iPhone rumors, leaks and speculation leading up the event. It’s pretty much a forgone conclusion that we’ll be seeing new iOS 7 features, as well as the unveiling of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. But what else? And what details? To help you get ready for Tuesday, we’ve round up the juiciest (or at least the most likely) iPhone rumors right here, and will add to them until the unveiling Tuesday at 10am PDT.

iPhone Rumors

  • High-res images of iPhone 5S home button leaked – A number of recent iPhone rumors have suggested Apple will include fingerprint scanning technology in the upcoming iPhone 5S, with the scanner itself embedded inside the iPhone’s home button. Today, a number of high-resolution images of the alleged iPhone 5S home button components have been leaked, thanks to Sonny Dickson.
  • New images and video of iPhone 5C packaging and parts surface – Apple’s rumored iPhone 5C and 5S announcement is only about a week away, and, as expected, more leaked images and videos of the new models are beginning to surface. On Monday, images of the previously seen iPhone 5C packaging surfaced, alongside a video that shows an iPhone 5C powered on and running iOS 7. The video was posted by Chinese blog C Technology, which shows a blue iPhone 5C running a full version of iOS 7 with no hiccups.
  • New videos show off possible new iPhone 5S color options – As the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C announcement date gets closer, more parts leaks are beginning to surface. The latest leak consists of two videos that were posted by TLD and BestTechInfo which shows off a new graphite color for the iPhone 5S in addition to a detailed look at the rumored champagne colored iPhone 5S. The first video compares a leaked iPhone 5S rear shell in the champagne color to a current generation iPhone 5.
  • New video shows iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C colors in detail – As Apple’s rumored iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C near announcement, leaked images and videos continue to surface. The most recent video is one from AppAdvice, and it shows the new champagne color of the iPhone 5S and the multiple colors of the iPhone 5C in great detail. This is one of the first times the public is able to see the colors in such a clean and realistic way, as most of the previous images have been mockups of what the next line of iPhones is expected to look like.
  • iPhone 5S to launch in four colors? – A number of rumors have suggest the upcoming iPhone 5S will be available in a gold/champagne color along with the classic black and white. Now, a new set of image leaks points towards the possible launch of the device in another new color: gunmetal.
  • Images of gold iPhone 5S surface – Apple will unveil the iPhone 5S in a couple of weeks, and various rumors suggest there will be a new addition to the classical black and white iPhone: gold/champagne color iPhone. The rumor is backed up by many trusted publications and market watchers. Earlier today, the folks at AppAdvice managed to get their hands-on some high quality photos of what they claim is the gold iPhone 5S.
  • Apple to release gold iPhone 5S, 128GB model – It appears Apple may soon unveil the much anticipated iPhone 5S in a gold color, along with a 128GB variant similar to the iPad that was released back in February. The report comes from a well-known analyst, MingChi Kuo of KGI Security, who has been quite accurate when it comes to rumors regarding unreleased Apple products.

iOS 7 Rumors

  • Apple vacation blackout dates issued for AppleCare employees – After reports that iPhone carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile are issuing vacation blackout days for their employees, Apple appears to doing the same. According to an internal document reported at AppleInsider, Apple vacation blackout dates have been issued for its employees between September 15th and the 28th. With all of the dates of the carriers and Apple coinciding, there is little doubt the company is looking to launch the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C over the coming weeks.
  • Nuance: Apple to release iOS 7 on September 10th – Apple’s iOS 7 was announced at the WWDC keynote back in June, and although the software is now in its sixth beta, it is expected to be updated one or two more times before a final release to the public. That final release is going to be on September 10th, according to an email from speech recognition software company Nuance.
  • Apple’s iTunes Radio will change the face of streaming music – Apple’s iTunes Radio was introduced at the company’s WWDC keynote back in June, and has since been released to developers for beta testing for both iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. Though the music service isn’t expected to be released for several more weeks, it is already creating change in the streaming music market.
  • Apple’s iOS 7 could influence great designs in third party applications – It all started when Apple introduced iOS 7 during the company’s WWDC keynote in June. As soon as Tim Cook ran that iOS 7 video with Jony Ive describing the different features, I knew most of the third party apps in the App Store would be receiving some pretty awesome designs when iOS 7 was released to the public. Late Tuesday, the public got to see a little bit of what is in store for third party applications when Google released an update for its YouTube for iOS app.
  • Analyst suggests no Siri on iPhone 5C, fingerprint scanner for iPhone 5S – Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster reports that Siri will not be present on the iPhone 5C, which I found a strange suggestion because the device is expected to replace either the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4S. Munster also provided details about the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S, noting it will be strictly for unlocking the iPhone.

Other Apple Rumors

  • Apple to release OS X Mavericks at the end of October – With iOS 7 just days away from release, users are beginning to turn their attention towards other products announced at WWDC, including OS X Mavericks. According to a report from 9to5Mac, Apple is looking to release OS X Mavericks at the end of October, likely after an earnings call. This means that the company will be releasing OS X Mavericks only a few weeks before the holiday season kicks off, which means they will see a lot of sales.
  • Apple reportedly developing 17 watt charger for mystery product – We’ve only recently received official word of Apple’s September 10th media event, and already rumors are surfacing that Apple is working on a new mystery product. The company is reportedly beginning to develop a new 17-watt charger for an unknown product. Apple’s Macbook Air uses a 45-watt charger, while the iPad uses up to 10W. This suggests the new device would take a bit more power than a full-sized iPad, but less than a Macbook.
  • Images of upcoming iPad 5 rear panel surface – The French site NoWhereElse has posted photos of the rear panel of the alleged iPad 5. The images show a silver casing, which has been seen in a number of leaks before as well. It is expected the next-generation iPad will use touch panel technology similar to that that of the iPad mini in order to achieve a smaller size.
  • Latest rumors point to thinner iPad and iPad mini with Retina display – With September fast approaching, rumors about the next iPad and iPad mini are surfacing from more reliable sources. Specifically, rumors are saying the next iPad will be as thin as the current model of the iPad mini, while we’ll also finally see the iPad mini with Retina display.
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