September 10th Apple media event live blog

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Apple’s September 10th media event is upon us; thanks for following along on AppleTell’s live blog as we get our first look at the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and we’ll see what else.

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Apple Media Event Live Blog

Live blog entries will update every 20 seconds.
at 2:13 Kirk Hiner said:
That was a short event, but that's okay. Thanks for joining, and stick around for ongoing coverage and analysis.
at 2:11 Kirk Hiner said:
Why is it that every time I see Elvis Costello, my first thought is, " not Nick Lowe, then?"
at 2:11 Bill Stiteler said:
Be sure to check in with Appletell for expanded coverage of today's announcements!
at 2:10 Bill Stiteler said:
Elvis Costello. I was hoping for Beatlemania. Okay, that's it!
at 2:10 Bill Stiteler said:
Musical guest. I guess this is it.
at 2:08 Bill Stiteler said:
And here's a new ad. Is this the wrap up?
at 2:07 Kirk Hiner said:
Looks like another 3am morning for me on the 13th.
at 2:06 Bill Stiteler said:
Tim's back.
at 2:05 Bill Stiteler said:
Pre-order for both phones start on Sept 13th.
at 2:05 Bill Stiteler said:
Custom silicone cases in some frankly hideous colors from the early 70s.
at 2:04 Bill Stiteler said:
16 GB for $199 (with contract), $100 more for each step up to 64.
at 2:03 Aaron Kraus said:
Fingerprint information is never sent to a server. Nice security touch, Apple.
at 2:03 Bill Stiteler said:
The fingerprint data lives on the A7 chip, where it's encrypted. It doesn't leave the phone, apparently.
at 2:01 Kirk Hiner said:
Jony Ive: "It's not just rampant tech for tech's sake." This is what Apple gets, and what most tech companies (and the media) don't.
at 2:00 Bill Stiteler said:
And here's Johnny Ive. I bet he's impressed!
at 2:00 Bill Stiteler said:
Not only does it unlock your phone, you can use it to access your Apple ID. So give Apple your fingerprint!
at 1:59 Kirk Hiner said:
And will it read my thumbprint? Sideways? Through a glove?
at 1:59 Bill Stiteler said:
500 ppi resolution, scans sub-dermal layers. But does it keep the NSA out?
at 1:58 Kirk Hiner said:
Touch ID. Man, most of the rumors leading up to today have been dead on. Remember when secrecy mattered to Apple?
at 1:57 Bill Stiteler said:
As leaked by the WSJ: Touch ID is a fingerprint sensor.
at 1:57 Bill Stiteler said:
Phil says 1/2 of customers don't set up a passcode.
at 1:57 Aaron Kraus said:
One final thought on the camera - Kirk says the iPhone 5C is losing its luster. I say people who were happy with bad LED flashes on flip phones will be perfectly happy with this, even as iPod Mini users were content with a practically nonexistent screen compared to the regular iPod.
at 1:56 Bill Stiteler said:
Next up: security.
at 1:55 Bill Stiteler said:
For those of you who wanted to see Phil Schiller in front of a giant Pika...
at 1:54 Bill Stiteler said:
Captures HD at 120 fps to let you do slo mo.
at 1:53 Bill Stiteler said:
Camera automatically picks key shots out of a burst.
at 1:52 Bill Stiteler said:
Burst mode: 10 fps for as long as you hold the button.
at 1:52 Bill Stiteler said:
Auto image stabilization. Taking several photos, and blending them together for the effect of a long exposure without blurriness.
at 1:51 Aaron Kraus said:
Apple destroys another industry. Color-temp adjusting flashguns for DSLRs cost thousands of dollars, Apple practically gives it away.
at 1:50 Bill Stiteler said:
Two LEDs: one warm, one cool in color.
at 1:50 Bill Stiteler said:
There's a new flash: True Tone, which adjust the color of the flash.
at 1:49 Bill Stiteler said:
They're describing the tech behind the photo app. It adjust for exposure as soon as you open the app, before you take the picture.
at 1:49 Bill Stiteler said:
They're going for bigger pixels, to let in more light, for a better photo.
at 1:48 Kirk Hiner said:
With the processor and camera upgrades of the iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5C is already losing its luster.
at 1:47 Bill Stiteler said:
Now more about the camera.
at 1:47 Bill Stiteler said:
10 hours of 3G talk, 10 hours of wifi, 10 hours of LTE.
at 1:45 Bill Stiteler said:
It measures the physical motion of the iPhone (accelerometer, pedometer) without using the A7.
at 1:45 Bill Stiteler said:
It's a co-processor for motion. Whaaaaa?
at 1:44 Bill Stiteler said:
There's a new part: the M7 which is...
at 1:43 Bill Stiteler said:
They can do depth of field, blur, and other high-end video effects.
at 1:42 Kirk Hiner said:
Hard-core console gamers are either lying to themselves or just plain ignorant if they continue to brush off iOS devices as gaming platforms.
at 1:42 Bill Stiteler said:
Epic converted the code to 64 bit in 2 hours using Apple's tools. Using one person.
at 1:40 Bill Stiteler said:
Donald's introducing the third game in the Infinity Blade series.
at 1:40 Kirk Hiner said:
Yep. Here comes Epic co-founder Donald Mustard. Because what's a new iPhone without a new Infinity Blade?
at 1:40 Bill Stiteler said:
We're already talking about the iPhone 5... what else does Tim have up his sleeve?
at 1:39 Bill Stiteler said:
Donald Mustard from Epic is here to show off the graphics power.
at 1:39 Bill Stiteler said:
40x faster than the original iPhone, 56x faster on graphical tasks.
at 1:39 Bill Stiteler said:
Twice as fast as the iPhone 5.
at 1:38 Kirk Hiner said:
Games are going to fly. I expect we'll get a demo of something here pretty soon.
at 1:38 Aaron Kraus said:
“Today, we’re going to see that Apple will move the mobile computing world from 32-bit to 64-bit in one day.” Clearly a dig at Microsoft's messy 64-bit architecture situation on the desktop.
at 1:38 Kirk Hiner said:
All built-in apps have been re-engineered for the A7. Expect many third-party app updates to follow.
at 1:38 Bill Stiteler said:
iOS 7 has been reengineered for 64 bit.
at 1:37 Bill Stiteler said:
It has over a billion transistors. Wow.
at 1:37 Kirk Hiner said:
If the iPhone 5S is viewed as incremental update, the 64-bit A7 chip makes it a HUGE incremental update.
at 1:37 Bill Stiteler said:
that's a 64 bit processor.
at 1:36 Bill Stiteler said:
New A7 chip.
at 1:36 Bill Stiteler said:
Looks like an iPhone 5.
at 1:36 Bill Stiteler said:
Sorry, "silver" is "space grey."
at 1:36 Kirk Hiner said:
Of the black, silver and gold iPhone 5S models, black is still my favorite. We'll see if that changes when I see them in person.
at 1:35 Bill Stiteler said:
The Silver and Gold have white accents.
at 1:35 Bill Stiteler said:
The 5S is in aluminum, black, silver and gold.
at 1:34 Bill Stiteler said:
The 5S has a stunning design (says Phil)
at 1:34 Bill Stiteler said:
the iPhone 5S "is the most forward thinking phone Apple has ever done."
at 1:33 Bill Stiteler said:
Video over, Phil's back.
at 1:32 Kirk Hiner said:
Ive says it has a dense feel you wouldn't expect from plastic. Is it okay to say that had been a concern of mine? I didn't want the iPhone to feel like a toy as most Android devices do.
at 1:31 Bill Stiteler said:
I really hope this is like the iPod nano where the iPhone 5S is like the 5.
at 1:30 Bill Stiteler said:
The case is made from a polycarb plastic, not metal or glass.
at 1:30 Aaron Kraus said:
The iPhone 5C has to be one of the leakiest Apple product announcements in recent memory. Still excited about it, though.
at 1:29 Bill Stiteler said:
Hard to tell how substantially different it is from the 5.
at 1:28 Bill Stiteler said:
16 GB for $99 or 32 for $199 (with contract)
at 1:28 Kirk Hiner said:
I'm surprised there's not gray option.
at 1:28 Bill Stiteler said:
Multi-band, supports more networks than before. Bluetooth 4.0
at 1:27 Bill Stiteler said:
A6 chip, larger battery, 8MP camera.
at 1:27 Kirk Hiner said:
I wouldn't want a colored phone. Surely clash with my case preferences. But my wife is all over these.
at 1:27 Bill Stiteler said:
These... wow. I'm going blind from the neon.
at 1:26 Bill Stiteler said:
Oh, no my mistake. They have covers for the colored phones. Wow. This is garish. It's like the 90s.
at 1:26 Bill Stiteler said:
Wait, these may be covers for a black phone.
at 1:25 Kirk Hiner said:
The color is all-emcompassing. Buttons, lock switches, etc, all the color of the phone.
at 1:25 Bill Stiteler said:
There's no "join" the body is a single part with a glass front.
at 1:24 Kirk Hiner said:
Apple's servers are going to hammered with people watching the product videos after the media event.
at 1:24 Bill Stiteler said:
No pure black, but white, green, red, yellow, blue.
at 1:24 Bill Stiteler said:
Five new colors in the video.
at 1:23 Bill Stiteler said:
Phil's got a video to show.
at 1:23 Bill Stiteler said:
Phil "the Killer" Schiller is up to talk about the iPhones. First the iPhone 5C.
at 1:22 Bill Stiteler said:
They're replacing the iPhone 5 with two new designs (new bodies?)
at 1:22 Bill Stiteler said:
This year, they're not lowering the prices on old phones.
at 1:21 Bill Stiteler said:
Now for the iPhone.
at 1:21 Aaron Kraus said:
You can hear the weeping in Redmond. Why buy a full Surface tablet to get Office when you can buy an iPad that comes with a (rather decent) free productivity suite?
at 1:21 Bill Stiteler said:
(This is interesting.... will it get them into the same trouble that Microsoft got into with Windows/Office? Probably not, but I thought that's why they charged for the apps)
at 1:21 Kirk Hiner said:
Free on all NEW iOS devices, anyway.
at 1:20 Bill Stiteler said:
All five apps, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iPhoto, and iMovie are now free.
at 1:19 Bill Stiteler said:
iWork for business, iLife for creativity.
at 1:19 Bill Stiteler said:
Tim points out how successful iWork is for mobile devices, and how they're useful for creating content. That vector of attack on iPads never took off, did it?
at 1:19 Kirk Hiner said:
It bothers me that PowerPoint remains the Kleenex of presentation software, because Keynote is so much better in every possible way.
at 1:18 Bill Stiteler said:
Tim's back to tease us by talking about iWork.
at 1:17 Bill Stiteler said:
iOS 7 releases on September 18th.
at 1:17 Kirk Hiner said:
The September 18th iOS 7 release date will give us two days to download and play before we get our new phones on the 20th.
at 1:16 Bill Stiteler said:
iTunes radio has over 200 features, with an API for developers to build more.
at 1:16 Bill Stiteler said:
And there's there Spotify killer, iTunes radio.
at 1:16 Aaron Kraus said:
No matter how many times they call it AirDrop, I still think of the old Newton OS IR port for transferring information between MessagePads. Anybody wanna beam?
at 1:15 Kirk Hiner said:
In other words, you don't have to bang your phones together in order to share content.
at 1:15 Bill Stiteler said:
Photo tumbnails can be scrubbed through for searching, and you can also share locally using AirDrop.
at 1:14 Kirk Hiner said:
Inline search is powered by Bing?
at 1:14 Bill Stiteler said:
There's an Instagram-like square camera and live filters.
at 1:13 Bill Stiteler said:
Photo and inline search. New sound effects for notifications.
at 1:13 Kirk Hiner said:
Unless the new male voice for Siri is Brian Blessed, I'll stick with the robot lady.
at 1:12 Bill Stiteler said:
Siri has expanded functionality, and two new voices (male/female)
at 1:11 Kirk Hiner said:
Maybe I'll finally memorize the spelling.
at 1:11 Bill Stiteler said:
Search now lives in the notification center, swipe down from any screen to access.
at 1:11 Aaron Kraus said:
Prediction: "Parallax" will hit the top Google search trends in the next few days as millions of people try to figure out what it means.
at 1:10 Bill Stiteler said:
Craig's giving us a recap of what we heard about at WWDC.
at 1:10 Bill Stiteler said:
Craig's going to start with the lock screen, edge-to-edge
at 1:09 Bill Stiteler said:
And now, Craig F. is up to talk about iOS 7.
at 1:08 Bill Stiteler said:
Next month they'll have sold their 700,000,000th iOS device.
at 1:08 Kirk Hiner said:
iOS 7 at only 8 minutes in. There must be a lot to talk about today.
at 1:08 Bill Stiteler said:
It's 8 times the size of the previous one with a cantilevered roof.
at 1:08 Aaron Kraus said:
Stanford store looks kind of like the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.
at 1:07 Bill Stiteler said:
Tim's back, talking about the Apple stores. They usually focus on the fancy international stores. But a one in Stanford has serviced 5 million people in 9 years. So they're doing a refit.
at 1:06 Kirk Hiner said:
Next year, they're changing the name to the iTwerk Festival.
at 1:06 Bill Stiteler said:
Where's the iTunes Monty Python festival? Now there's something to get excited about, amirite!?
at 1:05 Aaron Kraus said:
iTunes Festival involves lasers. Everybody loves a good laser show!
at 1:04 Bill Stiteler said:
And they have a video about the event. As an aside, I always wonder if these videos are a dig at Microsoft for their videos of long lines of people... who are at the Windows store to get concert tickets.
at 1:04 Kirk Hiner said:
The iTunes Festival is one of my few uses of Apple TV.
at 1:04 Bill Stiteler said:
Tim's congratulating Eddy Cue on the streaming app, so everyone could watch the concert (on Apple products)
at 1:03 Bill Stiteler said:
Lady Gaga presented her new, unlreased album
at 1:02 Kirk Hiner said:
Is Madness part of the iTunes Festival? They sang "Our House," you know.
at 1:02 Bill Stiteler said:
This year the iTunes festival celebrated its seventh year.
at 1:01 Bill Stiteler said:
Tim announces they do have announcements to make.
at 1:01 Bill Stiteler said:
Tim Cook takes the stage.
at 12:57 Bill Stiteler said:
And here to talk about iOS 7, the developer of iFart!
at 12:52 Bill Stiteler said:
But would it kill someone to turn on Ustream with their laptop, I ask you?
at 12:51 Bill Stiteler said:
Well, livestreaming WWDC makes sense because so many developers simply can't go. This, on the other hand, is a media event, and the media will do the heavy lifting for Apple. No need to pay for the stream.
at 12:50 Bill Stiteler said:
And since the theme is "brighten," are we going to see multiple colors in iPhones/iPods?
at 12:49 Aaron Kraus said:
What do we think the lack of an Apple-provided live stream is all about? Could it be a teaser pull strategy that forces people to seek out information (thereby generating buzz)?
at 12:48 Kirk Hiner said:
I'm hearing talk that iLife and iWork may go free. That would be nice.
at 12:43 Kirk Hiner said:
Apple will wait on the iWatch until they get it perfect, so I think Christmas is pushing it.
at 12:39 Bill Stiteler said:
What about the iWatch? Think Apple will get that in before Christmas?
at 12:33 Bill Stiteler said:
Okay, so sure bet: iOS 7, at least two iPhones. Very likely: Gold iPhone Less likely: New iPad, iPad mini Unlikely but overdue: New Macbook Pro
at 12:32 Kirk Hiner said:
Looks like Apple will be introducing the Kids App Store in iOS 7.
at 12:26 Bill Stiteler said:
I know I've been wrong about this before, but I have it on good authority that this is the year Cyberdog comes back.
at 12:25 Bill Stiteler said:
Am I ready to feel?
at 11:09 Kirk Hiner said:
Looks like the fingerprint sensor of the iPhone 5S will be called Touch ID.
at 9:22 Kirk Hiner said:
The online Apple store is down. Is your wallet ready?
at 10:17 Kirk Hiner said:
BGR has nice iPhone 5S packaging shots, in case your'e excited about the box, too.
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