Details on the new iPhone 5S camera

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iPhone 5S camera panorama

Image via Engadget

The iPhone 5S has a camera with features normally found on professional cameras.

The camera has a 5-element Apple-designed lens with f/2.2 aperture with a 15% larger active sensor area. iOS 7 takes advantage of the new features to automatically set white balance, and exposure level. It creates a dynamic local tone map and adjusts for exposure as soon as you open the app, even before you take a picture.

True Tone is a new type of flash which has an adjustable color with over 1,000 unique variations, which solves the problem of clashing color temperatures. In AppleTell’s live blog of Apple’s media event, Aaron Kraus from Appletell said, “Apple destroys another industry. Color-temp adjusting flashguns for DSLRs cost thousands of dollars, Apple practically gives it away.”

There’s a new way of taking pictures, Burst Mode, which takes up to 10 shots per second as long as you hold down the button down. Phil Schiller said it’s “great for action shots and fidgeting kids.” But no one wants to spend a long time going through dozens or hundreds of pictures to find the best one, so the iPhone 5S will analyze all of the images and show you which ones it thinks are the best.

You can also take video and select what parts of it will be slow-mo. You can also adjust exposure automatically as you take 28MP panoramic shots. With auto image stabilization you can take several photos, and blend them together for the effect of a long exposure without blurriness.

With all of the features the iPhone 5S camera has, as well as the ability to edit them with the free iWork bundle, you have fewer reasons to buy a dedicated digital camera. Even amateur photographers will be able to take pictures that look great.

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