Watch the hilarious Funny or Die iPhone 5F spoof

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Leave it to the folks at Funny or Die to put a hilarious spin on Apple’s event yesterday. While we were all excited about the fabulous colors the iPhone 5C will come in—along with the amazing camera sure to complement the iPhone 5S—Funny or Die took a different approach to the excitement.

Funny or Die iPhone 5F

With that, the Funny or Die iPhone 5F was introduced; a “more accessible model” for anyone who wants to own an Apple iPhone, but can’t afford the 5S or 5C.

Todd Bergen introduced the $24.99 super budget iPhone which certainly rivals the nonbudget “budget” iPhone 5C which costs $549 without a carrier contract.

So, if you’re like Don Draper and you don’t like contracts, the iPhone 5F is for you.

“The new display can show up to 50 pixels at any given time,” said Peter Irvine.

Plus, they’re bringing back SNAKE! Greatest game ever. Except when it glitched out on level 65 (not that I’m still bitter or anything). The only issue with the iPhone 5F’s Snake is that it is literally the only game available.

Check out the hilarious parody below to meet Siri’s inept younger brother, Ciris:

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  • Susi

    That is absolutely hilarious. Thank you. I can’t believe Apple are calling the 5C a budget phone. £469 in the UK. Have they lost their minds? I quite like the iphone (still have the 4), but this is just stupid. They’re getting way too arrogant. No wonder their share prices keep falling.