Justin Case for iPad battery case review

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As with any other tablet, one problem most of us iPad power-users usually encounter is the moment when the iPad’s battery charge indicator becomes red. That means that it’s time to re-charge the iPad, but what if there’s no computer or power supply available? That leaves you no choice but to stop using it. Unless, of course, you have a portable battery charger with you. For those who don’t want to bring an extra gadget along, the best option is to get an iPad case that also servers as a portable gadget charger. One like the Justin Case for iPad.

justin case for ipad

Equipped with a rechargeable 11,600 mAh battery, the Justin Case for iPad lets you charge the device via USB connection. Once fully charged, the case will let you charge the iPad 1 & 2 twice, the iPad 3 once, around 80% battery level for the iPad 4, and 7 times for any model of the iPhone.

Justin Case for iPad

Let’s not forget the the Justin Case is still an iPad case. That makes it ideal for travellers who don’t want to bring along a portable charger. As an iPad case, the Justin Case is lightweight and durable. It’s made of synthetic leather and provides access to all iPad buttons, ports and cameras. In short, it’s your typical case with extra functionality.

justin case for ipad

One thing that you may not like about the Justic Case for iPad is the fact that it only has one viewing angle: horizontal. But if you don’t mind this shortcoming, I can pretty much assure you the Justin Case for iPad is worth the price you’ll pay to have it. Speaking of price, this case is relatively cheap considering it’s also a charging station.

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Provides: Scratch and scuff protection, portable battery charging for iPad other devices
Developer: Innovative Technology
Minimum Requirements: iPad 2 and newer
Price: $70
Availability: Now

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