PhotoPresenter turns your iOS library into a slideshow

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PhotopresenterBoinx has just released PhotoPresenter for iOS, an app that lets you send your device’s photo library to a monitor via VGA, HDMI, or Airplay, turning them into slideshows for impromptu presentations. And let me answer your first question right away: yes, you can prevent the audience from seeing all your photos, wink wink, nudge nudge.

PhotoPresenter for iOS is an app that can be used in many different scenarios. Regardless of whether it’s used for professional or personal reasons, it’s a great app many will find useful. Some hypothetical situations include:

  • You recently went on a great holiday with your closest friends, and your grandparents would like to see some of the photos you took of the beautiful location. There were certainly some photos you’d prefer they didn’t see.
  • You are showing your portfolio to a client or potential employer. You’ll need to choose specific photos and/or videos for them to view, and want to put your very best work on display.
  • Imagine working with your team on creative concepts. An enthusiastic discussion keeps you jumping back and forth from one media file to the other; not being limited to a specific slideshow order is an invaluable creative tool that helps keep the discussion and ideas flowing.

Available now for the sale price of 99 cents (normally $1.99) PhotoPresenter will send only the photos you specifically select to the screen, without displaying your entire library, and without the danger of an accidental swipe. The app requires a device running iOS 6 or later, and is optimized for the iPhone 5.

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