Microsoft offering $200 in their iPad trade-in program

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microsoft ipad trade-in program

Microsoft has launched a new iPad trade-in program that will pay you $200 if you choose to depart with your beloved iPad. You can then use this discount to purchase not just a Microsoft Surface tablet, but any other “cool” products you can find at the Microsoft Store, as well.

But yes, we all know this iPad trade-in program is nothing but a ploy to push the sales of the Surface tablet. This seems like a good deal if you want to dispose your old iPad, and since Microsoft does not really specify which iPad model is accepted in the program, you can take your chances and try trading in your 1st gen iPad. It’s up to you whether you’ll use the discount to purchase the Surface tablet or other items in Microsoft Store, then wait for Apple’s new iPad, which we’re pretty confident will be launched next month.

Microsoft’s iPad Trade-in Program started September 5 and will end on October 27. That gives you enough time to contemplate whether you’ll finally let go of your iPad.

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  • Jim Gramze

    I wouldn’t use a Surface as a stand for my iPad, let alone trade for one. I am curious how many people do this.