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Finally! We get a game where the hero gets to wear a jet pack! Buckle up and grab your bad pea shooter; it’s time to shoot some stuff.

What is it?

Soul Grinder is a platform flyer which puts you in a jet pack and a graveyard (natural combination, right?).

Soul Grinder

As you fly, your gun will fire only if you are touching the left side of the screen. Shoot down the lost souls, giant snakes, owls, and just about anything else. Collect some coins as you fly by, as well; you can use these for upgrades. By the way, do try to avoid fireballs, don’t let any of the monsters touch you, and please don’t fly into the side of a cliff—you will die.

Soul Grinder

The upgrades, especially increased fire power, are very useful even early on in the game. The giant snakes are harder to kill and you won’t always have plenty of time to shoot at them before they pop up out of the ground to chomp you.

How does it work?

The controls are very simple; tap and swipe on the left side to move your hero up or down (as long as your finger is making contact on the left, your guns will be firing); tap the right side for a speed boost. The speed boost is handy for avoiding the nasties, and avoiding this screen:

Soul Grinder

The game includes some settings for control sensitivity as well as the background sound and music. The shop will sell upgrades such as “double shot,” “sheild” (sic), and the ever-popular “coin magnet.” You can even update your character’s appearance (and there are some interesting choices).

Is it contagious?

As the name Soul Grinder implies, this is a game that requires some level grinding to get the right sequence of movements so you can actually survive each round. To start, the rounds are short and easy to memorize, but there is challenge enough to keep you coming back for more. The rewards are a bit scant in the beginning but not so bad that you can’t keep up with the game. As a $0.99 game, this one is good fun and easy to get into.

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