Apple – Going for the gold iPhone 5s, no apology required

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People pick the strangest things to get exercised about. For example, the new gold color option for the iPhone 5s. Don’t like the gold one? Fine. Aesthetics tend to be a matter of taste. There are two other iPhone 5s metallic color themes—silver and space gray—that no doubt suit you better. Get one of those and be happy, but don’t accuse Apple, as some have, of committing some sort of grievous fashion faux pas by offering the gold phone.

Gold iPhone 5s

Some of us happen to like the gold iPhone 5s. It’s the color I would, and perhaps will choose in the fullness of time. There’s even a Kickstarter project that’s been launched to make a color matched gold Lightning connector cable.


I liked the rumored original name for the color (Champagne) better, and it’s too bad Apple couldn’t have used it. But the sparkling wine cartel that represents vineyards and vintners of the Champagne region of France reportedly made it clear they would sue if Apple appropriated their trademark for their gold-themed iPhone.

And as the bard quoth, “A rose by any other name …” It looks the same regardless of what it’s called.

I’ll be extremely interested to see if there will be a gold color option for the new iPad and iPad mini that are expected to debut next month. I am in the market for a new iPad, and would go with the gold if there is one. However, I’m doubtful Apple will deviate from the black or white color options for the iPad, in which case I will go with white again.

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  • Victoria

    I absolutely loved new champage or gold if you want iPhone – it looks beautiful, trandy and very fashionable. And I don’t understand accusitions about hte color – why we should all have only black and wihte iPhones – gold is new and elegant