Kickstarter Find: iDentity for iMac gives your iMac some personality

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What is iDentity?

iDentity for iMac adds a simple splash of color to your 24″ or 27″ iMac. Black and silver is quite modern looking, yes, but not all of us are Oakland Raiders fans. This isn’t a skin as you’d apply to your iPhone, iPad, or your MacBook, though. I’ve seen skins made for the 24″ and 27″ iMacs, but those can be a lot of trouble to apply and remove. The iDentity is a simple aluminum plate that’s held in place with magnets. The iDentity sits below your iMac screen, with an egg-shaped or circular cutout for the Apple logo to show through.

iDentity for iMac

Easy on, easy off, and a splash of color in jet black, sky blue, forest green, orange, red or purple. There’s also a temporary lime green option available only to those who support the Kickstarter campagin at $50 or more.

iDentity for iMac

There are custom options available, as well. If you’d like more than just color to distinguish your iMac from all the others out there, you’ll be able to send in the design, logo or text of your choice and have it laser engraved into one of the six color options.

Why should you support iDentity?

iDentity deserves your pledges because it finally provides an easy way to customize your iMac the same way you would your iDevices. The colors are fine and will work as a simple way to bring some life to your desktop, but I’m mostly excited about the custom designs. Corporations can place the company logo on their iMacs. Students can show their school pride or their own artwork.

iDentity for iMac

I’d be happy with the Seahawks logo or Queen crest, although I can’t imagine that’s legal.

In addition to all of that, they just look snazzy. Apple’s once again embracing color with the iPhone 5c, so you may as well join them.

Where can I find out more about iDentity?

The iDentity Kickstarter campaign runs through October 25th, 2013, and they have a little over $2,000 in pledges towards their $20,000 funding goal at press time. Pledges begin at $5, with the good stuff starting at $35, where you’ll get an iDentity for the 24″ iMac ($45 for the 27″ iMac). Pledge $150, and you’ll get a five pack of colors to mix and match ($200 for 27″ iMac).

To learn more, visit the iDentity for iMac Kickstarter page.

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