iPhone 5C shipment dates pushed back to October in US

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Apple announced the much-anticipated iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S on September 10th with iPhone 5C pre-orders beginning on September 13th. Apple is not offering pre-orders for the refreshed iPhone 5S, so users who want to grab one must get in line Friday morning. And now, three days after the pre-orders went live, most iPhone 5C colors have been sold out for the 16GB model.

iphone 5c pre-order

The yellow iPhone 5C was among the first ones to sell out, with the shipment date pushed back to September 25th. Today, shipment the dates for other models have been pushed back from the initial September 20th launch to as late as October 4th.

The yellow and pink 16GB iPhone 5C are showing the shipment dates of September 25, while all other 16GB variants are showing an expected shipment date of October 4th in the US; it seems the iPhone 5C could be more popular than the refreshed iPhone 5S.

For other global markets, iPhone 5C pre-orders are available for all colors on the expected launch date of September 20th except Apple Canada where the shipment date is pushed back to September 24th. On the other hand, shipment dates in Hong Kong have been pushed back to 1-2 weeks from the official launch date of September 20th.

Apple is not offering pre-orders for iPhone 5S anywhere in the world except China and Hong Kong, where users can reserve an iPhone 5S online and pick it up at selected Apple Store.

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