iOS 7 update now available [update]

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ios 7

Remember, line jumping is cause for removal from park, so kindly wait until my update is done before downloading iOS 7, which is now available.

At around 1pm EDT today, Apple released the much anticipated iOS 7. As they state in the Software Update app:

This update features a beautiful new design and contains hundreds of new features, including Control Center, AirDrop, iTunes Radio and improvements to Notification Center, Multitasking, Camera, Photos, Safari, Siri and more.

We’ll have details on all of that in the coming hours and days. In the meantime, launching Software Update in your Settings App, plug in in your phone to make sure the battery doesn’t die, and get in line for the update. About 18 minutes remaining for my iOS 7 update…although it seems to be counting up, not down.

Update: 1:21pm – The iOS 7 update apparently requires 3.1GB to install, so be sure to clear up the room on your iDevice if that’s not already available. Otherwise, you’ll get an error and have to start all over again.

Like me.

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  • Juli Monroe

    Thank you for mentioning the size of the update. I only had 2.8 GB available, and I couldn’t figure out why I kept getting error messages. Downloading now!

  • Saleem

    Its showing me 900mb on my iPad. :/

  • NormanW5

    Projection for the future? An argument against buying only 16 GB on the 5s?