An iOS 7 security flaw allows Siri to disable Find My iPhone

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The whole internet is buzzing about the recently launched iOS 7, which was rolled out for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch yesterday. AppleTell editor in chief, Kirk Hiner, posted his iOS 7 first impressions after updating his iDevice yesterday, and Bill Stiteler pointed out what what Siri can and can’t do in iOS 7.

Speaking of Siri, a related security flaw has been discovered; a reader at Macrumors has pointed out that Siri can activate Airplane Mode, even if a passcode lock is set on the device.

ios 7 security flaw

This can make the device vulnerable as any user can enable Airplane mode, which will turn off WiFi and cellular connectivity, thus disabling Find My iPhone as well. Basically, the Airplane Mode can be enabled using two methods—the first one is by using Siri to turn on the mode from the lock screen, while the second one is by using the Control Center. All a user has to do is swipe up on the lock screen to get access to the control center and enable Airplane Mode. However, as a security measure, users can disable Control Center access from the lock screen from the iDevice Settings.

Apple added extra security features to iOS 7, including the Activation Lock that prevents a stolen iPhone from being activated without the Apple ID that is used to erase the phone.

Via [MacRumors]

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  • Kristerpher Henderson

    This is a terrible article and very misleading. A novice user is going to interpret this incorrectly and disable their Find My iPhone. First off, Find My iPhone is not disabled when Airplane Mode is enabled. The phone simply cannot communicate with the service. The same security features will still exist once the user enables the Wireless Radio’s on the device. For a technology blog I would assume present logical information. So basically your implying that if Airplane Mode is enabled, the Find My Phone Feature is disabled? WRONG! The feature is still active, and what you say would basically rewrite the entire setup of Find My iPhone.

    This is like saying turning on Airplane Mode cancels your cell phone account with your provider! Please don’t pass information around like this. It does an extreme disservice to the users of the platform, and in part enrages people like myself that have to explain this to folks.