Prove You Don’t Know Jack with your iOS device

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You Don't Know Jack Party

The only thing better than not knowing jack is not knowing jack in front of others, and that’s exactly what you’ll get to do with You Don’t Know Jack Party for iOS. Thanks to the wonders of your iPhone, Android Device or Apple TV, you can now play You Don’t Know Jack in a group setting, with each person using his or her mobile device as their controller.

You Don’t Known Jack Party is a live multiplayer version of the irreverent interactive trivia game. One player runs You Don’t Know Jack Party for iOS, while the others run JackPad for iOS, Android or Kindle.

You Don't Know Jack Party

Both apps are free, although you’ll need to buy episodes individually if you want to play for long.

With the YOU DON’T KNOW JACK Party app, players can use either an Apple TV connected display (via AirPlay) or an iPhone or iPad as the primary screen. Then, up to four other players can play along via the free JackPad controller app. Gamers wishing to have a single-player experience can do so via Apple TV and a single iOS device.

You Don’t Know Jack Party starts you off with a free trial episode, and 30 additional 11-question episodes will be available as in-app purchases. The core mechanics of the 2013 Ouya and 2011 console releases are all making it to the iOS version, including Screw your Neighbor™ and the Wrong Answer of the Game™.

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