Apple TV update pulled after issue with bricked devices

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On Friday, Apple released the 6.0 update for the Apple TV, bringing  iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud, and iTunes music purchases to the set-top box. However, soon after the update was released, customers began complaining their devices were no longer operating correctly. The update would cause the Apple TV indicator to blink repeatedly, and then shut off.

When turned on, the Apple TV throws up a screen that urges users to connect their devices to iTunes with a mini-USB. Yesterday, soon after my brother installed the update, he noticed his device was blinking and not turning on. A trip to the local Apple Store revealed that this was a widespread issue. I noticed that of the 10 genius stations at the Genius Bar, almost 6 of them had screens set up to test and restore Apple TV devices. My brother’s Apple TV was fitted with the latest 6.0 update, and his device was restored to factory settings, though I saw that some users who came in earlier relieved replacement Apple TVs.

Since then, Apple has pulled the Apple TV 6.0 update for all users, and has left the previous version of the software in its place. This means that all users who tried to install 6.0 will be stuck with version 5.3 for the moment. Apple has yet to publicly comment, though it seems Apple’s retail stores are aware of the issue.

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