PhoneSuit Flex Pocket Charger for iPhone and iPod review

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It’s not often I need to rely on an external battery recharge for my iPhone 5. I work in an office by day, and the iPhone serves as my alarm clock at night, docked on a powered speaker dock to replenish the battery as I sleep. I therefore don’t bother with battery cases, preferring to go with smaller battery packs that attach to my phone and travel well when not in use. My current favorite of these is the PhoneSuit Flex Pocket Charger.

PhoneSuit Flex

Compatible with the iPhones 5, 5S and 5C, the PhoneSuit Flex is a fairly small device that plugs into your iPhone’s Lightning port. Its rounded design bulges out a bit on the front and back and hangs out on the sides, but doesn’t get in the way of normal use (you may have stretch if typing in horizontal mode, however). Because the Flex hangs off the bottom of your phone, it may actually be compatible with some cases. You can rule out anything that protects the bottom of your phone, but those that just hug the sides may not interfere.

PhoneSuit FlexWhen plugged in, you can get an emergency 20% charge in about 20 minutes from the Flex’s high capacity 2600 mAh battery. A depleted iPhone battery can be fully charged in around two hours, and you’ll still have some juice left in the Flex for another 25% or so. You recharge the Flex itself with the included USB cord, and LED indicators on the side will show how much charge you have remaining.

The PhoneSuite has served me quite well for two purposes. The first was when I was covering E3 back in June. I use my phone there to record interviews, take pictures, shoot video, tweet, answer e-mail, and even make the occasional call. The iPhone battery won’t survive a full day of that, but PhoneSuit Flex kept me working. When I didn’t need it, it was easy enough to store in my backpack or pocket, with the removable cap to keep the Lightning connector safe.

My current use is when I just forget to charge my phone at night. If my battery is near depletion, I can count on the Flex to keep me running through to the evening.

If battery drainage is an ongoing problem for you, an iPhone battery case is still the way to go. But if you only occasionally need that extra surge, the PhoneSuit Flex is up for the job. It’s portable, solid, and powerful, and it’s available in red, blue, and black, in case you want some extra color with your extra power.

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PhoneSuit Flex Pocket Charger review

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Provides: External battery recharge/power for iPhone and iPod
Developer: PhoneSuit
Minimum Requirements: Lightning compatible Apple iDevice
Price: $69.95
Availability: Now

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