Rocketcases Woody Hybrid iPhone 5/5S case review

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There’s something to be said about the simple beauty of wood with the contrast of black accents. This even applies to iPhone cases, as evidenced by the Rocketcases Woody Hybrid case for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5.



The Woody Hybrid is made of a solid piece of dark walnut wood for the back, while the rest of the case is hard rubber. It’s a minimal design that allows full access to the top and bottom of the phone with openings for the volume buttons and the silencer switch.

The case covers the sides well, sitting flush with the surface of the glass front. The sides do not wrap around the front, which won’t interfere with any type of screen protector. While the top and bottom of the phone is fully exposed, the corners are covered, providing protection where it counts. It also makes it possible to leave the case on the phone when connecting to docks with a Lightning connector.

The walnut wood backing is a single piece with the Rocketcases logo carved towards the bottom. The surface is smooth with rounded edges. The opening for the camera and flash offers just the right opening for exposure to the lens without causing any interference with the flash.

The sides, being rubber, offer a good grip and a solid feel in the hand. Because of the wood, there is a little more weight than when using a typical polycarbonite case, but that added weight is not uncomfortable.



TheRocketcases Woody Hybrid case for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S is a strong choice for those looking for a minimal case with the classic look of wood. It’s easy to hold and use, it looks great, and it’s priced right.

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Rocketcases Woody Hybrid Case for iPhone 5S and 5 review

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Provides: Scuff/scratch and minor drop protection
Developer: Rocketcases, Inc.
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5/5S
Price: $29.95
Availability: Now

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