John Cena’s Fast Lane is an iOS game, not a finishing move

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John Cena's Fast Lane

The kids sure do love to use their phones to tweet about their favorite wrestling programs. Now we’ll see if they will also love to use them to customize and race cars while a half naked John Cena, “WWE Superstar and muscle car enthusiast,” passes on his knowledge on the matter.

Now, my knowledge of professional wrestling begins with Steve O. and ends with Scott Hall, so I don’t know much about John Cena. My knowledge of muscle cars begins with nothing and ends a few yards behind that, so I’ll leave the description to the press release.

Players enter the game as young street racers, crushing the quarter-mile, with sights set on being the best in the world. Cena takes players under his wing, passing on knowledge he learned during his years behind the wheel. Players will get to challenge opponents in cities across the U.S., including shadowy figures from Cena’s fictitious racing past who are bent on winning by any means necessary. Players will master the art of shifting on the track and customizing cars in the garage with Cena coaching along the way.

John even has a quote, surely written by a marketing agent because he surely can’t be this boring. He wasn’t on Fred.

Anyway, the fake John Cena quote is, “I’m excited to share my two favorite passions, WWE and cars, and bring this new racing experience to fans everywhere.”

WWE Presents: John Cena’s Fast Lane was built in partnership with Chaotic Moon Studios, and is available now for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices.

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