Build a better Tropico with “Dash for Growth” DLC

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Tropico 4 Dash for Growth DLCReturn to the sun-drenched islands of Tropico and save your people! Feral Interactive has announced the Dash for Growth DLC for Tropico 4 is coming to OS X. The pack includes three new missions: Junta, where you must contend with rebel uprisings, Plantador, where you must transform Tropico into an agribusiness giant, and Quick-Dry Cement, where new construction techniques allow you to develop industry.

Dash for Growth will be available October 10th, 2013, and will cost $10.99. Each scenario features new challenges, a themed building, character trait, and outfit. The full version of Tropico 4: Gold Edition, is required, naturally. Feral has set up a rather thin mini-site to describe the DLC and point you towards the pre-order site, and you can read AppleTell’s Tropico 4 review.

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