Kickstarter Find: EverDock, the dock for all devices

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Whether you’ve got an iPhone, iPad, Android, or any other smartphone/tablet device, EverDock’s goal is simple: to be your single docking solution. This Kickstarter project, launched by the recently-founded FŪZ Designs, is the brainchild of two former members of ZAGG. EverDock and its dual charging brother, the EverDock Duo, provide you an interchangeable docking solution that can accommodate Apple devices with 30-pin and Lightning connectors, as well as Micro USB devices including phones and tablets.

Two by Two


EverDock comes in two configurations: a one plug for charging a single device or dual plug that lets you charge two devices. Because it’s reconfigurable, you can charge one iPad and a Samsung phone, a 30-pin iPhone and Lightning-equipped iPad mini, or any combination thereof. The genius of the design is the simple plug-and-swap design. The universal holder design lets you easily thread whatever cable you need, and it doesn’t require any serious configuration effort.

Though the EverDock is designed to work with devices outside Apple’s ecosystem, its color scheme is straight up iPhone 5S. It comes in silver, black (which looks a lot like Apple’s space gray), and gold, so you can dock your iPhone in a color matched charger. More importantly, though, the anodized aluminum construction looks sufficiently modern enough to easily blend in on any computer desk, table, or countertop.

Design aside, the EverDock’s got one of the coolest Kickstarter pages I’ve ever seen. The creators included an interactive 3D model of the EverDock (embedded below). Spinning a virtual model of something is still cool even years after QuickTimeVR made it easily accessible to the masses.

EverDock from FuzDesigns on Sketchfab.

Pledge Goals

As with all KickStarter projects, FŪZ Designs is offering pledge rewards for supporters. The company’s already blasted past its funding goals, but they’ve got some stretch goals, so additional funding can’t hurt. The pledge levels that remain include:

  • $49: One EverDock (single configuration), which is $20 off the anticipated retail price of $69
  • $69: One EverDock Duo (dual configuration), which is also $20 off the anticipated retail price of $89
  • $108: The EverDock combo pack, featuring one each of the EverDock and EverDock Duo
  • $199: The EverDock Combo two-pack, featuring two EverDocks and two EverDock duos (great for home and work placement)EverDock1

All the EverDocks come with micro USB cables, and are slated for shipping by December 2013. They’d probably make a great stocking stuffer or gift, or a good reward for yourself so you can keep your power hungry devices charged up.

Head over to EverDock’s Kickstarter page for all the details, and back them if you need a color-coordinating dock for that new iPhone 5S (or the rumored gold iPad mini…can’t hurt to plan ahead)!

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