Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp review

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I’m not a big fan of light. I mean, yeah, I understand its purpose—helping people to not trip over the ottoman one too many times and driving away those Pitch Black bird things—but by and large, I like my light to be dim. As such, I’m actually quite fond of the light produced by the Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp. Even better, I like that I can control its brightness to a certain degree by changing its bottle.

Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp

The Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp is just that, after all: a lamp. It’s a white, plastic lampshade that houses LED lights which provide 50,000 hours of illumination while consuming only 1.2W of power, according to the website. I’ll have to trust them; testing the 50,000 hour claim would really delay this review.

Normally, I’m not terribly fond of the cold illumination of LED lights, but the shade diffuses it well, creating a warm, soft glow that’s good for…well, that’s the thing. The light the Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp provides is not going to brighten up a room. It’s a desktop lamp, good for illuminating your keyboard and work area.

Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp

If you have the means to connect its USB power source near your bed, it could also be good for some late night reading without disturbing anyone else who may sharing a room with you. This makes it great for college dorm rooms.

Another thing that makes it great for college dorm rooms is its need for a bottle. The lamp has a rod that you place inside the bottle’s neck, with an o-ring to hold it in place. I found that the ring didn’t always slide down evenly, causing the lamp to tilt to the side. This may vary depending upon your bottle, the choosing of which is half the fun. Make your selection based on your favorite beverage, whatever you drank last night, what best matches your decor, or your favorite skeleton from Jason and the Argonauts.

Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp

Of course, there are a couple things to consider. Because the light illuminates the bottle from the outside, not the inside, the effect isn’t all that cool on most bottles. Also, because the power is a touch sensitive disc at the top center, and because the lamp causes the bottle to be top heavy, you’ll want to get a bottle with a wide base. And finally, there’s no good way to hide the USB cord from which the lamp draws its power.

Still the Satechi Touch USB LED Lamp is a fun accessory. It’s more of a decoration than a functional lamp, but if you like working by dim, warm light, you may find yourself using it more than you’d think.

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Provides: USB powered LED desktop illumination
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