Use your gambling addiction to battle evil in Slot Revolution

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Slot RevolutionYou know, I always said The Hobbit would’ve been a much better book if Bilbo had been armed not with Sting, but with a slot machine. Konami apparently agrees, as they’ve announced availability of Slot Revolution, a free game for iOS, Android and Kindle devices that combines fantasy role playing with slot machine-based mechanics.

As you’d expect from an RPG, Slot Revolution players will choose a character from three unique classes—Warrior, Ranger or Wizard—and embark on a grand quest. As you’d expect from a slot machine, players will spin reels to travel and battle their way through the 3D environments. Matching slots will allow the player to cast spells, use items and deal devastating damage to foes, so the mechanics are more like the Japanese Pachislo machines than American Vegas-style slots. Defeating deadly enemies can earn players gold and weapons, as well as experience to level up characters and create increasingly powerful equipment.

But don’t worry, American gambling addicts! There are many in-app purchases available to you and your Uncle Franklin:

Slot Revolution is now available for free in the iTunes App Store.

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