iPad mini 2 supply issues may slow rollout

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Apple is rumored to be holding an event later this month to unveil the highly anticipated iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 with Retina display. If rumors are to be believed, the supply of the purported iPad Mini 2 could be constrained, at least for this year. It’s a situation similar to that of the iPhone 5s, which is sold out in most retail locations, with Apple’s online store showing a shipment date of October. This means users might have to wait for weeks before they can get their hands on the iPad Mini 2, which could and could affect sales this holiday season.

iPad mini 2 supply issues

The news emerged from Reuters, citing sources who work in company’s supply chain. It’s believed that the delay is being cause by the high-resolution Retina display, although the full reason remains unclear. According to Reuters,  supply chain vendors recently started preparing for the launch of the purported iPad mini 2, with one source saying Apple imposed strict power-saving requirements.

In the past, there were a lot rumors suggesting that iPad mini 2 could launch without the Retina display, as Apple might be afraid that it would affect the sales of the iPad. But that’s not confirmed, and many recent rumors suggest otherwise. Speaking on the iPad 2, Frank Gillett, an analyst with Forrester said, “If they don’t put in Retina … there will be howls.”

There are no details regarding the pricing of the iPad mini 2, but it’s likely it will be priced the same as its predecessor.

I guess we’ll find out about it very soon. We’ll keep an eye on the news and will update you if any information comes up.

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