Rumor: Apple to launch iPhone with larger display, 12.9-inch iPad next year

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The rumor mill never quits churning, and now the folks at ETNews, citing industry sources, claim the upcoming iPhone will feature a screen of up to 5-inches. Do with that one what you will. Yes, the mobile industry has been moving towards larger screens, but will Apple move that direction as well?

iPhone 5 increased the display size from 3.5 inches to 4 inches, and a step up with the iPhone 6 will be coming, too, if ETNews’ sources are to be believed.

The publication also states the upcoming iPad will feature thinner bezels as with the current iPad mini with thinner bezels. It also says the iPad mini 2 will not include the Retina display this year, and will be launched next year. Furthermore, a 12.9-inch iPad will also be released next year.

Lastly, they claim Apple is working on an iWatch with flexible OLED display. The company is hiring OLED experts from LG to push this along.

ETNews says Samsung and LG are working on producing the displays for upcoming iOS devices. Their industry source claims, “Apple tends to increase purchase from Korean display makers instead of Taiwanese and Japanese makers,” adding, “Apple will be a revitalizing agent for Korean display industry.”

Apple is expected to hold an event by the end of this month at which time the company will launch the refreshed iPad and iPad mini. We’ll find out how then much truth lies in these rumors.

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