How iOS 7 changed my music listening and app usage habits

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When Apple introduced iTunes Radio with iOS 7 earlier this year, much of the web community began calling it the Pandora killer. Now that I’ve used it, I have to say I agree with that statement completely. Apple may not have literally killed off Pandora as a company or a service, but it sure did pull a lot of its customers back into the iOS ecosystem. I say this because I noticed how my habits changed with iTunes Radio being just one click away from the rest of my music.

Prior to iOS 7 and iTunes Radio, I had my Music app, and then I had Pandora, which I had to dig out of a folder every time I wanted to listen to the radio. With my playlists within the same app as iTunes Radio, I often find myself flipping through multiple stations and checking out new music. Sometimes, if I like a song and it plays multiple times in a station, I’ll purchase it and download it straight into my music collection. Overall, it’s just more convenient to use than Pandora or another service, especially because I also have access to it on my Mac as well. That really comes in handy when my iPhone is charging and I want to access my radio stations.

Aside from iTunes Radio, I noticed that I use apps very differently in iOS 7, gravitating those that are easily accessible. I’m sure I’ll get some heat for always opting for convenience and accessibility as I often do, but there is no point in upgrading to iOS 7 if you can’t build your own convenient set up. I no longer have Calculator, Alarm, or Camera on the home screen because they are always accessible from Control Center. Also, because folders can now hold more apps, I have all of my most important apps right on my main home screen in one big folder.

iOS 7 has changed how I listen to music and how I use apps, making it much more convenient to use features that were tedious in iOS 6. I’m a happy camper with iOS 7, and when my iPhone 5s arrives, I’m sure the experience will be even better.

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  • Will

    I going to go ahead and disagree, what iOS 7 has done is make me consider switching to an Android phone and keep Pandora.

  • Joel

    Cry baby.

  • Mike Bellman

    I don’t have enough storage on my poor 8GB iPhone to keep songs on it. As I compare iTunes Radio and Pandora, it seems Pandora has the edge on lyrics, band info and a few more controls for customization. I don’t min d the commercials.

    I’d even pay for Pandora One if I had a few more controls on track frequency.