iOauto Pro dashboard and iOmini desktop iPhone mounts review

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I’ve gone through quite a few window/dash mounts for my various iPhones over the years, many of which have been quite good. However, none of them have been versatile. Some fit only a specific iPhone, none of them have made it easy to mount elsewhere. The engineers at iOmounts, have come up with a pretty slick way to address this with the combination of the iOauto Pro dash mount and iOmini desktop stand.

iOauto Pro

We’ll start with the dashboard, since that’s the key component, in my opinion. The iOauto Pro is basically a rounded dome affixed to metal base. This base is attached to a plastic frame from ProClips USA that is customized for your vehicle. How you mount the frame will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but the review model for my wife’s Mazda 5 attached to the dashboard to the right and in front the car’s navigation screen.

iOauto Pro

Installation took no more than a couple minutes, and the results have been incredibly secure. Unlike with suction cup window and dash mounts, there is no noticeable bounce at all.

Back to that dome, a red ring called the iOmounts Core provides two key functions. First, it magnetically attaches to the dome, but can be slid around to provide a perfect viewing angle.

iOauto Pro

Second, it attaches magnetically to the iOadapts rings, two of which are included with your purchase. These rings provide nearly permanent adhesion to whatever device you want to mount, so you definitely won’t want to stick them directly on your iPhone. iOmounts provides two skins that serve as a buffer between the rings and your iPhone, or you can do what I did and just apply the iOadapt to a third-party case.


This Moshi iGlaze now serves as my permanent GPS case, ready to mount my iPhone to the iOauto Pro whenever I need it. But it does a little bit more.


iOmounts also sells the iOmini, a portable desktop stand compatible with pretty much any Apple iDevice outside of the full size iPad. Crafted from precision-machined steel, the iOmini stands about 7-3/4″ inches tall with a weighty 4″ base. The top of the iOmini is a full sphere, which also holds an iOmounts core.


See where I’m going here? The core is exactly the same as that of the iOauto Pro, so the ring I attached to the Moshi iGlaze also works here. The same case I use for the dash mount can be removed and applied to the iOmini to serve as a perfect “tripod” for filming and taking pictures, a stand for watching movies, and just a cool way to keep the iPhone safe and off the desktop. Although the Core is a bit difficult to slide around due to the power of the magnet, placing and removing the iPhone is quite simple.

Forward Thinking

The best part of this system is the versatility. If you have phones and devices of various sizes in your household, no worries; the mounts can hold any cellphone-sized device to which you can attach the iOadapts rings. You get two with the iOauto Pro and iOMini, so two devices are covered out of the box. For $15.00, you can order a set of three more. The true benefit here is that as you upgrade phones, the system won’t become obsolete. Attach another ring to a new case, and you’re all set to go.

However, the pieces aren’t exactly cheap. The iOauto Pro with the ProClip vehicle mount is $80 for the Mazda 5. That price may vary for your vehicle, and if you upgrade cars soon, you’ll need another mount to go with it. The iOmini is $90 to $100, depending upon the finish (white powdercoat, black powdercoat, and stainless steel). If you’d like one strong enough to support the iPad, the iOstand will run you $100 to $120. So, you’re looking at around $200 for both components, but that money is going to a sturdy, well constructed system with a minimal, modern design that will look good on your desktop and in your vehicle no matter how many iPhones (or cars) you go through.

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