Wicked Lasers announces the Evo open source laser with iOS control

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evo1-600x450The day has finally come. What day is that? The day when you can control a laser pointer wirelessly from your iPhone. Wicked Lasers has announced the world’s first open source laser, the Evo, and it’s fully controllable wirelessly. Not only can you turn the laser on an off with an iOS app, you can adjust the output intensity all the way from 0 to 100%. There are four operating modes: momentary, constant, strobe and bypass. Well, actually there are five modes of operation, but the fifth is a bit of a secret. All Wicked Lasers can say is that it was requested by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak himself.

The Evo laser is a green (532nm) 100mW handheld laser encased in aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s powered by two AA batteries for about 1-2 hours of total output. And thanks to it being open source, it’s fully hackable. You can actually reprogram the laser itself with a special cable (sold separately). Alternatively, you could write your own smartphone app to control it. Personally, I’d like to see it be used for wireless data transmission. How cool would that be?

The Wicked Lasers Evo laser is available now for $199.95. This laser is, well, wicked powerful, so be sure to buy some protective eye-wear while you’re at it.

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