Apple’s iMac to receive Power Nap feature with OS X Mavericks

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As the public release for OS X Mavericks draws closer, Apple is still adding new features. Late last month, Apple updated the iMac with fourth generation Intel quad-core processors, new graphics, next generation Wi-Fi and faster PCIe flash storage options. Now, the company is reportedly going to add the Power Nap feature that was first introduced during the company’s “Back to the Mac” event last year when they introduced OS X Mountain Lion.

Power Nap is a feature that allows the Mac to complete a lot of  background functions while it is charging and sleeping. Apps like Reminders, Notes, and Calendar can sync and other services like email can be refreshed in the background. While in Power Nap mode, the Mac can also index Spotlight, and many other features. Since Power Nap requires a fusion drive, which both the iMac and the Mac mini have, it will be interesting to see if Apple brings it to the Mac mini.

Though some of Apple’s notebooks have solid state drives (which is required), I can see Apple bringing Power Nap to the desktop computers as well. It will be great when coming home from work and waking your computer to see all of your apps and services already updated and ready for you.

OS X Mavericks is expected to be released in late October, likely during or after the company’s iPad event (which is rumored for October 22nd).


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