What can we expect from Apple’s iPad 5 event on October 22nd?

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iPad 5

Apple’s expected iPad 5 event is only a couple weeks away and we have already seen leaked images of most of what’s to come. The only thing we cannot predict for sure is how the internals of the device will look and function. With AllThingsD reporting that Apple will unveil the new iPad lineup on October 22nd, let’s take a look at what we can expect from it.

Fifth Generation iPad

The iPad 5 is all but confirmed by Apple because we have already seen all of the leaked images and videos. YouTube user Unbox Therapy went as far as dismantling his iPhone 5s Touch ID sensor and putting it inside of an empty iPad 5 shell to compare. It was not a surprise that the Touch ID sensor fit perfectly in the hole where we would expect the normal home button to go. It makes complete sense for Apple to introduce Touch ID to the iPad 5, simply because it is a new feature on an iOS device. When one device gets a major update (think FaceTime camera), all of the iOS devices usually get it too.

The iPad 5 is also expected to receive the same design as the iPad mini, which we’ve seen in multiple leaked images and video from sources all over the web. This new design will bring a smaller bezel and a thinner body, and will also decrease the weight of the device.

Aside from external hardware, the new iPad 5 will of course be running iOS 7 and may even feature a new A7X chip. Though others have suggested that the same 64 bit A7 chip may appear in the iPad 5, I believe Apple will introduce a new A7X chip as they have done with A5X and A6X chips in past generations of the iPad. This will also help to power the rumored 8 megapixel iPad camera that is also expected to be added.

iPad mini

Let’s start with the A-series chip. There are already rumors that Apple will be adding the same A7 chip of the iPhone 5s to the second generation iPad mini. I think this won’t come to fruition because the mini has a lower price point than the full-sized iPad and, as a result, likely won’t have a similar chip. I believe that the iPad mini will be running the A6 chip, as it is currently running an A5 and it needs to stay on par with the iPod touch and lower end iPhone (in this case, the iPhone 5c, but older models in the past).

As for some of the other features in the iPad mini, I think we’ll finally see an 8 megapixel camera with all of the f/2.2 aperture and 1.5 micron pixel size goodies intact. We’ll also see a Retina display, which Apple has to address now because the rest its iOS product line-up is already sporting the technology. Even Macs have gotten the Retina display, which means that the iPad mini is definitely getting one this time around. To keep everything nice, neat, and consistent, I’ll mention that we should expect a Touch ID sensor as well because, let’s face it, every iOS device is going to get it.

I think I would opt for an iPad mini, mainly because of the bumped up specs, as well as the addition of Touch ID and the Retina Display. While the iPad 5 will look attractive to customers as well, I think the iPad mini will be the way to go.

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  • Dadoftwogirls

    Another “yawn” event. So exactly what does an 8mp camera add to the iPad? I have had every iPad they have come out with and think that maybe twice I have actually used the camera. iOS7 has made my iPhone 5 and iPad 4 essentially new devices. I guess for the first time ever, I won’t upgrading either device.