The Cave is a puzzle spelunking adventure on iOS

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The Cave

Choose a team of three adventurers and explore a wisecracking cave as you find what they consider most important in The Cave. You’ll have to use your abilities wisely as you solve puzzles in a subterranean amusement park, medieval castle, and fully armed nuclear research facility, among other exotic locales.

Originally released for consoles and Mac/PC in January, The Cave was created by Ron Gilbert, best known for Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, and Double Fine Productions, the studio behind Psychonauts and Brütal Legend.

“We always planned to release The Cave on touch screen devices, and we worked hard to ensure the game controls felt responsive and intuitive,” said Ron Gilbert. “We were also able to retain the graphical fidelity of the console version so players can now get the full subterranean adventure experience in a portable format.”

The Cave features:

  • Seven Adventurers, Multiple Paths — Choose a team of three out of seven explorers and descend into the depths of The Cave. From the Hillbilly to the Time Traveler, all 7 characters have their own unique personalities, special talents, and mysterious motivations for descending into The Cave.
  • Prolific Pedigree — Experience the detailed, stunning art style and humor that only Double Fine and Ron Gilbert can dream up.
  • Better Together — Seamlessly switch between characters and work together to solve the puzzles held within The Cave’s depths. Every solution leads you closer to discovering the truth behind each character.
  • Mobile Enhancements — The secrets of The Cave are at the touch of your fingers. New touch screen controls enhance your experience on iOS.

The Cave is available now on the App Store for the iPhone and iPad running iOS 6.1 or later for $4.99.

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