Kemco sends iOS gamers on four adventures at over 50% off

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Machine Knight

Anyone who has played an RPG understands the importance of currency. You accept missions, you steal treasure, you find loot…whatever it takes to finance your journey. Kemco has just made the real life financing as little easier, having announced savings of nearly 60% on four of their RPGs for iOS: Symphony of the Origin, Machine Knight, Aeon Avenger and Eve of the Genesis.

Sale prices and game details follow. Whichever you go with, good luck saving the world!

Symphony of the Origin – $4.99 (55% off)

Ryle spends his days honing his skills as a soldier in the Kingdom of Granzalk. Out of nowhere, though, there is a sudden attack by the Evils of the Earth-depths, and because of this, Ryle finds that he’s managed somehow to start up Denoas, a golem built to oppose the Evils.

Machine Knight – $2.99 (57% off)

What choice will a young man, betrayed by his own country, make in another world? Full-featured authentic fantasy RPG with a challenging game system.

Aeon Avenger – $3.99 (56% off)

The Man in Black attacks Lake’s home town and kills everyone, including his beloved family. Lake’s pursuit of justice leads him to…

Eve of the Genesis – $3.99 (56% off)

2000 years have passed since the battles between humans and the machines. Harty, a childhood friend of the main character, hears the rumors that the machines have been sighted all across the world, and sets off on her own to investigate.

Of all the games here, we can only vouch for Machine Knight, which we reviewed. But if the others are as good, they should all be worth a look.

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