Papernomad Tootsie Folio for iPad and iPad mini now available

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Papernomad Tootsie FolioRemember our review of the Papernomad Zattere for iPad? It’s an iPad sleeve made from water-resistant and tear-resistant paper, offering solid protection while encouraging doodling. Not many other iPad cases can make that claim. Now, Griffin Technology is offering the Papernomad in folio form with the Papernomad Tootsie Folio for iPad and iPad mini. Better get your Sharpie ready.

Based in Austria, Papernomad is a group of artists who design cases to meet the needs of modern nomads: identity, mobility and sustainability. They take pride in question existing systems and seek to design sustainable solutions with respect to social and environmental issues. Griffin Technology is not based on Austria, they’re based in Nashville, which is where the Tootsie got its name; the new iPad folio is named after Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, a world-famous watering hole in the heart of downtown Nashville.

Papernomad Tootsie FolioAs for the case:

Papernomad products are meant to be drawn on, marked on, and written on with crayons, ink, coffee stains, lipstick, pencils and everything people use to make their mark on the world. This collection of marks and traces turns every Papernomad into a unique companion that tells its owner’s story. Tootsie for iPad is not only a work of art, it is designed to protect the iPad with minimum impact on the environment.

Tootsie Folio is created with Papernomad’s patented paper composite, a wool blend lining and a natural hemp fiber closure-strap, all sewn by hand in Europe. Embedded magnets in the strap hold the folio closed or folded into a stand for viewing and typing. A magnetic strip on the interior of the folio grips the iPad’s built-in magnet and works with two corner straps to hold the iPad securely in place.

Tootsie Folio for iPad will cost you $69.99, while the iPad mini version comes in at $59.99. Both are available now. For more information about Griffin’s Papernomad line, visit

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